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Our Committees:


Morale committee

The morale committee is a group of energetic students committed to staying one level of excitement above the crowd at Dance Marathon! The energy and passion of Morale keeps dancers excited, entertained, and connected to the cause throughout the event. Morale committee needs compassion and the ability to motivate dancers to keep the road energized through all hours of the event. They will also be tasked with learning a dance, and then performing and teaching the routine to dancers the day of Dance Marathon!



Volunteer committee

The LoboTHON Volunteer Committee is a group designed to support LoboTHON in general. Volunteers attend Volunteer Committee meetings, table and attend various fundraising events, and help prepare for and help out at Dance Marathon. The Volunteer Committee does not require a huge time commitment and is a great spot to start for those who haven’t been involved with LoboTHON before!



Event Operations

Event Operations is the committee that organizes the annual 13.1-hour dance marathon, which is
our final fundraiser and a celebration of the children who are treated at the hospital. Our
committee is in charge of all the details including the food, entertainment, and fundraising efforts
throughout during the event.


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