Meet the 2019 Committee

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Executive Director:

Ben Maurer

Year: Senior

Major(s): Marketing/International Management 

"I dance to be part of something so much bigger than myself and to create hope for the thousands of kids treated at UNM Childrens Hospital. I am for the kids to show that they are not alone in their fight and they will always have support, encouragement and love along the way."

External Executive Director:

Hayleigh Carabajal

Year: Senior 

Major(s): Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology

"I dance because I know that we can make a difference in the lives of the children who need it the most. I am for the kids because no child should feel like they are fighting their battle alone. LoboTHON gives the kids an opportunity to share their story and be a part of larger community which is driven by love and support"

Internal Executive Director:

Nicholas Montano

Year: Senior 

Major(s): Political Science and Criminology 

"I dance so that the kids across the street can fight for another day. That one day they too will be able to walk across UNM campus like I do and attend school regularly. Until that day, I will continue to dance and be For the Kids so that no kid has to feel like they do not have the adequate support and treatment."

Financial Executive Director:

Muskan "Mia" Amin

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Business

"I dance so kids at the UNM Children's Hospital can get a chance to do things that we are so fortunate to be able to do. I dance to take a stand for the kids that can't do so themselves." 

Morale Director:

Jason Walker

Year: Junior

Major(s): Finance

"I’m for the kids because everyone deserves to have a childhood, kids deserve to live their lives comfortably! If I have to dance 13.1 hours for a kid to see another day I’ll gladly do it!."

Family-Hospital Relations Co-Director 1/2:

Heather Marquez 

Year: Senior

Major(s): Nursing

"I am FTK because every child deserves to be a kid. I dance to help kids fight for a better tomorrow and continue to dream for the brightest future they can imagine!"

Family-Hospital Relations Director 2/2:

Mohammed Assed
Year: Junior

Major(s): Biology

I am FTK because I have always been a fan of superheroes my entire life. I grew up reading comics and watching every superhero movie made. Experiencing LoboTHON made me realize that superheroes are real, and they are the kids we dance for.

Volunteer Director

Bailey Miller
Year: Senior

Major(s): Biology

"I’m FTK because every kid should have the opportunity to be a kid without being shaped and defined by an illness. LoboTHON fosters opportunities for childhood memories and experiences to flourish outside of the clinical setting. I’m FTK to make a difference."

Dancer Recruitment Director:

Adam Biederwolf

Year: Junior

Major(s): Business

"To show the brightness of life when times are tough, and to display perseverance and hope to the kids who feel like giving up. "

Dancer Fundraising Director:

Meghan Driscoll

Year: Senior 

Major(s): General Management and Marketing Management
I am For The Kids because every kid deserves the chance to be kid! I dance for the kids who are fighting every single day. Being apart of an organization that fights to give these kids another chance at life is so incredibly rewarding.

Dancer Fundraising Director:

Jackie Decanay

Year: ​Junior

Major(s): Biochemistry


"To help the kiddos and families fight diseases and not worry about finances"

Marketing Director:

Emma Hotz

Year: Freshman

Major(s): Political Science and Business Marketing


"I'm FTK because I believe that every child deserves to live a life that makes them happy"

Communications Director:

Ariel Geruntho

Year: Junior

Major(s): Marketing and Operations


"I'm FTK to help give the kids the life they deserve and show them that they have the support of all of us in LoboTHON"

Fundraising Events Director:

Lacy Garner

Year: Junior

Major(s): Biology and HMHV

"I dance because no child should ever have to suffer, and no family should ever have to endure the burden of not being able to afford the medical care that their child needs. LoboTHON is about devoting time to working and fighting for the needs of children who may not be able to fight for themselves. This is why I am FTK."




Daniel Soria

Year: Senior

Major(s): Biochemistry

"I am For The Kids because I want the children and their families to know they are not fighting alone."

Partnership/ Stewardship Director:

Emily Hartshorn


Year: Junior

Major(s): Political Science


"I'm FTK because I want to help those less fortunate than I am."

High School DM 


Aaron Ochoa

Year: Senior

Major(s): Organizational Communication and Philosophy

"I dance for the lives of thousands of children at UNM Children's Hospital because they deserve the opportunity to grow up, advance themselves, and live full lives. I strive to provide health, hope, and happiness to these children and their families for years to come. "

High School DM 


Christian Ojeda 

Year: Junior 

Major(s): Biochemistry and Psychology

"I am FTK for the thousands of kids who need fighters like us to take back the opportunities and freedoms that they rightfully deserve to experience just like the rest of us." 

Finance Director:

Savannah Paul

Year: Junior

Major(s): Applied Mathematics 



"I'm FTK because every kid deserves to have all the opportunities we have." 

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