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The purpose of LoboTHON is to raise awareness and funds for the UNM Children's Hospital. LoboTHON unifies students and community members in the pursuit of giving every child a chance to be a Lobo.


We lead fundraising opportunities throughout the year and end with a 13.1 hour Dance Marathon in March in honor of the miracle children at UNMCH. It is a time for families to take a break from hospital visits and treatments and for students and community members to celebrate the year of fundraising and see first hand who their donations benefit.


Dance Marathon is our time to come together as a University and recognize the past year of fundraising and everyone involved. We celebrate the difference that our community is making in the lives of the 66,000 children and their families. There's games, music, talent shows, inspirational ceremonies and of course, lots of dancing!

Who do we dance for?

UNM Children's Hospital treats over 85,000 children each year. They are New Mexico's only dedicated pediatric hospital which means they must serve all of our state's children. 

UNMCH treats children with everything from injuries to terminal illnesses.

They house New Mexico's only Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited center, Hemophilia treatment center, Children’s Psychiatric Center, Pediatric Emergency Department, Pediatric Intensive care unit, including a NICU, Neurology and neurosurgery center, Rehabilitation center, Pediatric Kidney Dialysis Center, Pediatric Renal Transplant program, Genetics and Metabolic Disease program, Pediatric Rheumatology program and Pediatric Urology program. 

UNM Children's Hospital focuses on family centered care for all of their patients. Their unique Child Life team ensures that not only the children seeking treatment, but also their family is taken care of during their stay at UNMCH. This means providing a school for kids unable to leave the hospital or attend another school, providing child care for siblings, meals for the whole family and more.





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