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Simran Bhardwaj

2023-2024 Executive Director

I am the executive director of LoboTHON! My job is to plan, promote, and execute the plans and goals of LoboTHON so we can thrive as an organization and reach our fundraising goal. 

LoboTHON 2023-2024 COMMITTEE


Dorsa Zamanian

External Director

"I joined LoboTHON because I want to help improve the health of children in New Mexico. There is no better feeling than knowing that all the money you have raised will go towards treating a sick child. You can be one of the reasons that a child can group up with their family and live a long and happy life."


Daniela Millán

Media Director

"I joined LoboTHON because being able to give back to our community is very important to me and being able to help the kiddos inspired me to join. At the end of the day, I know I can help make a difference with the help of our LoboTHON family to help the kids at the UNM Children's Hospital."


Nathan Herrera

Campus Fundraising Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I want to help others and be a part of an organization that makes a huge impact."

IMG_0035 - Karen Hernandez.jpeg

Karen Contreras Hernandez

Family Hospital Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because the kids we serve and their families are so strong and going through so much that bringing them a little joy through LoboTHON is worth it."

LoboTHON Picture - Max Stafford_edited.jpg

Max Stafford

High School Dance Marathon Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I am excited to help raise money for the UNM Children's Hospital and to make a difference in my community."

C9028D95-6B9B-4934-9E94-56AC5F93A3F3 - Jade Mendoza.jpeg

Jade Mendoza

Mass Communication & PR Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because there’s nothing more inspiring than fighting for these kids. That is why I am going to give it my all to reach my fundraising goal this year!"


Gabriella Marez

Video Production Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I have been apart of Lobothon since High School and I am dedicated to the cause because I believe in it. My aunt grew up with a disease and did not have resources as a kid to help her, which resulted in her passing. I support Lobothon because I want to help and support children like my Aunt. Help give them a better future."


Laysha Chaparro

Media Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because it is a great opportunity to get involved in, to make changes, and actually see those changes developed. The different opportunities it has for involvement from the community to come together for a great cause, especially to create financial change that can remove some burdens from the families who need it most. My why also pertains to seeing the impact it has on the kids, how happy they are, and how seeing hope in their eyes is inspiring!

20200716_1802251 - Cade Chilcoat_edited.jpg

Cade Chilcoat

Family Hospital Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I have a personal stake in the health of pediatric patients as I work in Child Life. I would like to see all of them thrive. As I have seen the effect that charitable donations have in the hospital, I believe that contributing to this is extremely important."


Mia Bargas

Campus Relations & Outreach Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 2.5 years old and he was patient at UNM Hospital for most of my childhood. I grew up going to events like LoboTHON and directly saw the impact of the cause. Being able to now have a greater role in LoboTHON than I was able to as a younger kid means so much to me because of how much UNM Hospital did for my family through the years. LoboTHON is my way of giving thanks to all of the people and children who helped shape my childhood into something amazing even in the midst of darkness."


Ashley McMains

Partnership Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I am a Nursing Student who works at the UNM Children's Hospital and LoboTHON is an amazing student led program that is helping make a huge difference for our miracle kids & there families."


Joshua Yeboah

Partnership Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I am dedicating my life to healthcare and bettering the health of New Mexico residents! What better place to start than with LoboThon!"

Image (4) - Simon Ramirez_edited.jpg

Simon Ramirez

Event Prize Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I truly want to be apart of a life changing organization. Full heartedly, I believe that LoboTHON has the ability to change lives and do great things for the community. I want to help create change for the better and uplift those in need."


Taha Abdeljawad

Fundraising & Participant Recruitment Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because as a Muslim Palestinian-American, I have witnessed children without the proper funding or access to medicine. With this being said, LoboTHON is held dear to me because I have a chance at raising money for children who are less fortunate and spread awareness to the people about these children. I love children, so having the opportunity to make a difference and positively impact the children means the world to me. I am beyond excited to go above and beyond and break the LoboTHON charity record this year!"


Jordyn Gallion-Montaño

Dance Marathon Event Ops Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I want to give every kid a fighting chance. As a volunteer at UNMH Child Life I have seen how big of an impact we make on a child's life while they're in the hospital with the money we raise. Along with the support of Child Life we raise money for equipment and necessities to give every child a fighting chance for both their future and ours."

IMG_1712 - Amparo Arredondo.heic

Amparo Arredonde

Fundraising & Participant Recruitment Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I've felt inclined towards medicine and improving people's lives since I was a child. Going into college knowing I aspire to be a pediatrician, I wanted to join an organization that connected with my values and passions. After attending my first Dance Marathon in 2022 and learning about its impact, I felt inspired to join the 2022-2023 LoboTHON Committee. Getting to be part of the committee and raise funds for the UNM Children's Hospital was very rewarding and I'm eager to return for another year!"

Headshot - Veronica Estrada.heic

Veronica Estrada

Morale Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because LoboTHON is a way for me to connect and support others within my community and bring light to people through the art of dance."


Destinee Alarcon

Photography Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because the little things go a long way and if we can spread awareness and raise money for the children we are already making a better future for them."

IMG_4157 - Lily Marquez.jpg

Lily Marquez

Media Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because From the first time that I heard about LoboTHON, I was inspired by the stories of all of the kids at UNMCH. Every person should be able to experience a beautiful childhood, but I know that sometime the situations that these children face can make that difficult. UNMCH and the families of the kids work so hard to preserve and create the special moments, and I wanted to be a part of supporting them. I love that through this organization, I have the opportunity to work alongside so many people who want to help the hospital, the families, and the children."


Carlos Jurado

Campus Fundraising Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I am passionate about giving back to my community. I know that by being part of LoboTHON I can help the children at UNMCH. I am pursing a career in medicine, I hope to learn as much as I can about the hospital being in LoboTHON."


Adela Sena

Dance Marathon Event Ops Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because I LOVE the mission and because of my little cousin who has Cerebral Palsy. I have seen the way illness and diseases can impact young children and their families. Participating in LoboTHON gives me the opportunity to help those children and their families!"

077AF6C1-6937-46F6-8FF8-ADE6C98246BE - Angel Baca_edited.jpg

Angel Baca

Campus Outreach & Relations Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because believe everyone is worth fighting for! Especially the ones who can’t or need the extra help!"


Nyla Mitchell

Internal Director

"I joined LoboTHON because I have been apart of this organization since high school and have seen the ups and downs of this organization. I truly love helping our community in such an impactful way and seeing where all of the money that we fundraise goes. Every kid deserves to have a chance to have a better life for themselves and LoboTHON allows me to help kids right now! This year, I hope that we, as an organization, could surpass our highest goal that we've fundraised ($100,000 in 2019) and I believe that this is the year where we could reach that milestone again!"


Aleksia Minetos

Finance Director

I joined LoboTHON on a whim to get involved at UNM and ever since then I've loved being a part of this organization and all the incredible work they do."

84C43AE5-7E37-4326-A6AA-6FBD91ABC307 - mady skipp.jpeg

Madeline Skipp

Morale Chair

"I joined LoboTHON because of the gratitude I have when dancing and my ability to be able to give back."

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