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Meet LoboTHON's Internal Committee! The role of the Internal Committee is to innovate and revise our annual Dance Marathon, which serves as the culmination of our year-long fundraising endeavors. Our committee diligently strives to achieve this objective by maintaining high morale throughout the year, establishing continuous communication with our cherished Miracle Families, and meticulously planning this grand-scale event.


Nyla Mitchell


Why I joined LoboTHON:

"I am tied to LoboTHON because I have been apart of this organization since high school and have seen the ups and downs of this organization. I truly love helping our community in such an impactful way and seeing where all of the money that we fundraise goes. Every kid deserves to have a chance to have a better life for themselves and LoboTHON allows me to help kids right now! This year, I hope that we, as an organization, could surpass our highest goal that we've fundraised ($100,000 in 2019) and I believe that this is the year where we could reach that milestone again!"

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