SHSDM is an organization that raises money for the New Mexico Children’s Miracle Network Hospital! The high schoolers put on most of the fundraisers and events on their own, hosting fundraising nights, making all the decorations on their own, creating costumes, and spending time building the actual event. It’s a student club, run for students by students. The goal is to create an event that is fun and engaging, while also raising money for our local children’s hospital.


Sponsors: Jenna Hagengruber & Kayla Jungermann-McCurdy


"I got involved in Dance Marathon because I realized how beautiful of a program this is. Our work gets to help kids right here in New Mexico and it’s so awesome to see that. I really love working with our team and serving as our current President, I love seeing the work we put in and raising money for kids in need.


Dance Marathon means so much to me, because knowing our mission ultimately helps kids in need is amazing. All the effort we put it not only to put on a successful Dance Marathon but also raise money For The Kids is absolutely incredible."


"I got involved with Dance Marathon because it has a strong and powerful meaning with nothing but good intentions for others. I was drawn to the drive this program has and how willing and supportive it is in every aspect possible to help kids in need. 

Dance Marathon is very important to me. I know that all the hard work and time devoted will not only help the kids but also bring them one step closer to help reach their goal. As the current Vice President, I know that it is possible to achieve that goal and we can bring the kids a smile."


"I joined the dance marathon team my freshman year and instantly fell in love with the program! The thought of giving back to local families was inspiring. I really enjoyed what dance marathon stood for and the characteristics it brought out in people. The thought of helping kids in any way, no matter how small or big the donation, put a smile on my face!

To me dance marathon is more than the dance we hold at the end of the year. It is the idea that we can spread hope, and in some way, help a miracle child and their family. The overall experience is amazing as it brings people closer together and makes them want to continue giving back to our community."


"After hearing about the Miracle Networks mission, I knew this was something I couldn’t miss out on.

I love being a part of Dance Marathon because it’s the more people who join each year, and the extra dollars we raise, that raises a larger awareness for children at UNM Hospital for the long haul."

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