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what is the LoboTHON Alumni Association?


The mission of the LoboTHON Alumni Association is to engage and collaborate with alumni, in conjunction with undergraduate students and partners, to raise awareness and funds for the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital. The LAA seeks to:


  • Provide financial support through fundraising efforts

  • Facilitate the success of undergraduate committee members

  • Build a strong foundation for the future of the 

board members

Aaron Ochoa

Past Positions:

LoboTHON 2019 High School Dance Marathon Director

LoboTHON 2018 Executive Director

LoboTHON 2017 External Executive Director

"I believe all kids should have the opportunity to grow up healthy and be afforded opportunities to develop and thrive. As an alumnus, I want to continue to dedicate time and efforts to ultimately advance their health and create more opportunities for them."


Sarah Putnam

Past Positions:

LoboTHON 2017 Internal Executive Director 

LoboTHON 2018 Internal Executive Director

"Improving the health and wellbeing of New Mexico children means building a stronger New Mexico. I continue to be FTK as an alumnus because our smallest warriors deserve to have their community standing with them."


Nick Montaño 

Past Position:

LoboTHON 2019 Internal Executive Director

LoboTHON 2018 Event Operations Director

LoboTHON 2017 Event Operations Committee Member

"Having been a part of the cause for almost five years now my love for the cause has only continued to grow. I continue to fight for the kids because I believe that every child of New Mexico deserves to have endless opportunities here in New Mexico or in lands abroad. I believe that each family and child served deserve all the love and effort we can give them."


Anna Padilla

Past Positions: LoboTHON 2019 dancer/photographer

"I loved my short time with LoboTHON as an undergrad and wanted to continue working with an organization that is there for the children at UNM Hospital. Every child deserves a chance to lead a beautiful and fulfilling life."


Rebekkah Varjabedian 

Past Positions: 

LoboTHON 2017 Dancer Fundraising Director

LoboTHON 2018 Dancer Fundraising Director

"I fell in love with the cause the moment I met the miracle families of UNM Children’s Hospital. Beyond just having a fun day with the kids at Dance Marathon, I know that the money we raise helps kids and their families in the community live a more normal life than they may have been able to. Every family deserves to have a happy and healthy life and that is why as an alumnus, I am always FTK."


Contact Information

  • LoboTHON Alumni Association Email:

  • President Aaron Ochoa: (956) 537-9994

  • Vice President Sarah Putnam: (505) 228-0958

  • Alumni Events Director: Nicholas Montaño (505) 917-0933

  • Social Media Director: Anna Padilla (505) 974-9930

  • Alumni Fundraising Director: Rebekkah Varjabedian (505) 469-8725

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