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what does it mean to be a dancer?

Registering to be a dancer means you are taking the pledge with us to fundraise money and raise awareness for the Kids. You’ll also get to learn more about who our Miracle Kids are, LoboTHON’s impact at UNMCH, as well as the different ways that you could help during your time with LoboTHON! We call our participants "dancers" because they typically "dance" for 13.1 hours at our Dance Marathon to show support for the kids! This year, that dancing will be virtual! And it will be for 7 hours. To learn more about Dance Marathon, and to RSVP, click here.


As a dancer, you receive a fully customizable fundraising page that allows you to create your own goal and message, and share your page so family and friends can donate to your specific fundraising efforts. The more you’re able to fundraise, the more incentives you receive! You’ll receive mementos like t-shirts and stickers, as well as the unforgettable opportunity to engage with your community at and around UNM to help benefit the 66,000 children who walk into UNMCH each year.

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